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Puppy Packs - Bring Your New Puppy Home To A Better Start!

Updated: Jan 26

Our puppy packs come with almost everything you need to get you started!!

Our packs are packed with puppy essentials, and completely vet-approved. Our Better Puppy Bundle contains almost everything you need to be ready for your new arrival! What do I need for a new puppy? - Raising a puppy can be an incredibly fun, yet incredible overwhelming experience. Its important to stock up on all your puppy essentials and supplies, and have everything your puppy needs ready before they arrive. The Puppy Bundle will help you tick off your new puppy checklist - from flea and worming to toys and new puppy training - this bundle has all the essentials you need! WHATS INCLUDED? In order to be able to offer premium quality, full size products, some varieties of item will be chosen at random based on availability at the time of packing.

Toys & Treats:

  • Special interactive puppy toys - 2 total

  • Packs of healthy training treats - 3 packs total

Complete Flea, Tick, Heartworm & Worming:

  • Simparica Trio Chew 1 pack (see size guide below)


  • Nexgard Spectra Chew 1 pack


  • Credelio Plus Chew 1 pack

  • Please follow dosage guidelines and weight recommendations on pack. Your puppy may need time to grow into these products. For safe alternatives to use in the meantime please ask our Vet Squad

Feeding & Walking Essentials:

  • Matching collar and lead (selected from variety of patterns)

  • Premium-quality bowl

Grooming Essentials:

  • Full size bottle of Puppy shampoo

  • Brush or comb sized for your dog Toilet Training & Clean Up:

  • Stain and odour removal spray or powder - 1 bottle

  • Puppy pee pads - 1 pack

  • Poo bags

Pet Circle Vouchers:

  • 2 x $20 off Voucher for your next Food order

  • 1 x $10 off Voucher for your next Flea and Worming order

  • 1 x Free telehealth call with our Vet Squad

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