Meet the King - Pretty Boy



Lou boy is everything anyone could possibly dream of in companion and more!  His temperament is hands-down the best we have come across as highly trainable and Loving to a fault. He has also produced some of the best American bullys this country has seen and s done so with consistency. He ha to more stud credits available before he retires from breeding. Lou has the freakish ability to produce females his size and males 15kgs heavier. 



Sire / Dam:I.C.E International Grand Prix Champion; ABKC XL Champion Gevenchy Stacks x Champion Versace Gold. 


Weight: 110 lbs

Height: 21.5 inches tall at the withers

Head size: 24.5 inches

Titles:  !st Place Obedience trials re covid.

One In A Million

Our Best Friend

Lou was Bred by Imperial Bloodline Bullies in Florida and was the first pick male from their much anticipated I.C.E International Grand Prix Champion; ABKC XL Champion Givenchy (the BJJ Bully) x  Champion Versace Gold.

His Linagage features 3 generations of ABKC Champions and Grand Champions including the best to ever do it Grand Champion Timbo



King Louis is without a doubt one of the best producers in the country. He has outproduced himself many times over!  -

Check out some of his offspring and decide for yourself!


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