Spartas Game

Howard Sparta Bullies, Game is one of the most Saught after Merle studs on the planet and for good reason, the boy is a fit and functional monster. We love the merle colour but health, structure and the end result are a priority for us. Fashion comes and goes but 150-pound bulls with great structure, zero health issues with great hips and elbows are rare. Game will be an integral part of our program in the future.  



Sire / Dam: EBI's GHOST x Coleones GG


Lilac Merle tri - only carries Choco / tri

Weight: 150 lbs - 67KG+

Head size: 28 inches
HD clear (BVA 10 - OFA Good) ✅
ED zero 
Embark clear 


Most Health Tested Merle On The Planted

Game is owned and produced by Howard Sparta Bulies in the U.K and is known worldwide as a true dogman. What has drawn us to his program is the health and movement of these beasts

The Beast



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