This journey started in 2017  when Jayden ( a construction manager by day), & Danni (PrimaryTeacher 24/7), embarked on a quest to find a family companion which would fit perfectly with their lifestyle.  Armed with the experience of owning traditional bull breeds such as pits and Amstaffs, their Ideal companion would have the same positive traits of love and loyalty without the dog aggression and prey drive - Que the  XL American Bully.  


At the time there were very limited options in Australia and only a couple of foundation breeders a few years away from producing the type of dog they had thier heart set upon. The decision was made to look overseas and import 2 very special doggo's that changed their lives forever. Determined to share their love for the breed with as many other families as possible, They decided to venture part-time into the crazy world of dog breeding, juggling professional careers and 3 kids. Royal Bully Fam aim to be involved in 1 or 2 World Class XL Bully Breedings each year and continue to play a part in the betterment of the breed on its journey to becoming Australians most popular companion animal.  

Thier Family Orientated Approach Specialises in Show Quality Bulls correct to breed type.  Prioritising health, unrivalled temperments with world-class pedigree. 

The Fam already has a proven history of producing one of a kind beauties of world-class quality. 





Our Breedings Are Planned Years In Advance