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Australia's best XL and XXL American Bullies

The Ultimate Companion

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Just A Young Dog Fam Sharing Love For Our Breed With Other Aussie Families.

Our story started in 2016 when we were looking for our next family companion.  We wanted a dog that would be a part of our lives and able to fit in with our lifestyle. Que the American Bully.  

At the time the breed was still in its infancy in Australia and still a few years away from what we were looking for. Unwilling to settle, one of us had the crazy idea that importing our own dogs would be our only option, and here we are!

Where Passion Meets Purpose.

Our Program Has Prioritised Health, Structure And Tempremant With A Proven History Of Producing World Class XL Bullies Right Here in Australia.



Interested In Joining Our Dog Fam? We Strive To Have Two World Class Breedings Each Year.


Everything you need to know about XL American Bully's

As an advocate for our breed, we believe information is power and a good pet owner is a knowledgeable one.  We don't just breed dogs, education and relationships go hand in hand with what we do. 

Thanks for joining the fam!

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